How can i improve my left leg?

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I know one trick to help you use your left foot better; Juggle with it...
Start by doing one touch on your right then switch ot oyur left foot, and vice versa. After feeling confortable with this, do 2 touches per foot, then four, six, eight, and so on. when you can do ten with your left foot, try dribbling and passing with your left whenever you can. don't stop the juggling until you feel like you can keep the ball up for at least 15-20 touches with your left foot alone. After this start crossing and shooting with your left when given the opportunity. soon it will feel like you have two right feet.

This process takes practice and patience but anybody can do it.
I have two right feet...

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just start trying freestyle moves with your left foot like flipflap, atw(if you can). Thjhis should help.

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Try mainly usin it wen u play or practise and also juggle with it to get control

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When you're practicing at home kick the ball with your right foot and see how it feels.

Then kick the ball almost slo-mo with your right foot and analyze how it's set and how it hits the ball.

Then try to emulate what your right foot does with your left foot.



well i was a right footer but lately after coming back "coldturkey" my phrase for not playing for awhile i just play with the ball and be came a leftfooter when i shoot with the right it feels wierd and inaccurate so i swapped to a lefty by the gift of god, but anyways just practice running wit ur left foot and shooting with it, all you need.

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