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Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Post by mortazaB » 08 Jun 2006, 19:06

Great tut man. :D

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Post by Futbol » 06 Jul 2006, 07:57

How big should the boxes be?

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Post by BeatleManU » 15 Jul 2006, 22:57

I'll try and work on that in tomorrows pickup game.

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Post by Bobton » 22 Jul 2006, 18:46

Can someone clarify the knee position? Does the knee have to be right over the ball or ahead of it when you begin to drive through it


The red dot being the patella, black line the leg and the circle the ball. With B I get a fairly fast shot with 0 altitude, I'm not sure what I get with A.


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nice but

Post by sos » 27 Jul 2006, 19:34

but I have big feet and i cant point my tose down.I try and I brock my toe.
tell me what to do. :cry:

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Post by whmanville » 30 Jul 2006, 21:48

i cant seem to keep my ankle locked through striking the ball. i hit it with my toe and it goes way over. any tips?

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It is a good post

Post by sos » 31 Jul 2006, 01:39

but what happend is that the ball keeps turing .do u whay?????

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