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First of all I don't know if this goes in this section so feel free to move it.
So today was another game we won 6-1 I scored once. However I actualy played horrible it's like my legs didn't want to obey me. This was the 3rd game I played since Monday (today is Thursday) and after my games and practice I always went out to practice individually until it got dark. Now I feel this horrible pain in bot of my thights (sp?), I can't run my fastes (nowhere near my fastes) and when I try my fancy moves my legs seem so tired and not wanting to take it. Should I take a break and if so How long.

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that is EXACTLY what happened to me last game. i scored 2 goals and we won 2-0, but i played horrible. i never wanted to run, i felt slow, and i felt like i had no energy. and i have been training really hard with weights.
i hope someone can answer this question too

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this has also happened to me, i took a break and iced my legs for a while i think i stayed off it for a day or 2, just ice it, its sore from overworking it. Also do vertical taps (repetitive taping top of ball with toes) that will work your muscles.
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Yeah that's about all you have to do don't know about the ice ?
but while you're taking a break from Football keep up your stretching because if you don't by the time you play again and finaly do stretch it will
be more difficult to do so.
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you could also put something like icy hot that will relax your muscles. and then do a light massage

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Two or three things happening here.

1. High force production muscle contractions and eccentric lengthening causes microtraumas to accumulate in the muscle fibers. These are normally repaired in 48 to 96 hours and result in a strengthening of the muscle if adequate recovery is allowed for. The soreness and mild inflammation in muscles the day after hard training is thought to be caused by this and is often referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

2. Glycogen depletion. Sprint based activities use mostly glycolytic (glucose metabolism) energy pathways for energy Your body stores glucose as glycogen in the muscles and the liver. High levels of exertion can deplete this glycogen in an hour or two. A good nutrition plan is needed to restore this glycogen.

3. Neural fatigue. This is kind of a catch-all term for a decrease in muscle output after intense training with inadequate recovery. The mind and nervous system is just not able to stimulate a musclular contraction of the same intensity as it could when the athlete is fully recovered. Thought to be more than just DOMS.

For 1 and 3 all you need is a day of rest or mild exercise (jogging at most). For 2, you need to eat high carbs often. Simple carbs right after the game (juice, gatorade, etc.) and several complex carbs meals before and after. If you were a pro athlete, massage and whirlpools would be used too.

What you are finding out is that how you recover is as important as how hard you train.

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b heck ur really help full man were lucky to have u here i also feel this way my legs are extremely tired and i went to freestyle for min i was so lazy my legs wouldnt cooperate they where tired from playin alot on thursday cus we had a game and went to OT and won 1 -0 and then i went joggin afterwards wit my bro

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