Are you left or right footed?

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing

What foot are you?

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kamil k
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Post by kamil k » 21 Oct 2006, 11:51

right footed, however im practising my left.

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Post by fir_nev » 21 Oct 2006, 13:21

Only recently, I've been trying to play with my left leg alot more.

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Post by tomsta911 » 24 Oct 2006, 10:51

Hey i kick with my left foot but I have been pratising with my right foot alot more :)
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Post by soccer » 16 Nov 2006, 19:46

I'm right footed

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Post by BosnianNedim » 16 Nov 2006, 20:33

Right...but my left is almost as good

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Post by Soccer4Life » 16 Nov 2006, 21:06

Well, I'm right. My left is lacking. I can't do much of anything besides recieve with my left. I can't even juggle well with it, lol.

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Post by Howard » 17 Nov 2006, 14:29

I'm left-footed. Can pass, receive with it well. But I have to improve my shots with it.

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Post by Football_Fan11 » 17 Nov 2006, 14:58

im a righty and to be honest i cant do anything with my left but shoot
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Post by Falcao » 04 Dec 2006, 20:07

being good with both feet's will bring you up SOME LEVELS!

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Post by evaristo0 » 07 Dec 2006, 01:05

Right foot plx XD
I can shoot with my left one but most of the times I miss lol


Post by Francis » 07 Dec 2006, 01:29

i am a left footed shooter. but i can kick farthr with my right leg cause its a ton stronger (no accuracy what-so-ever)

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Post by eto9 » 07 Dec 2006, 02:03

I can play with both of my feet with lots of practising.
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Post by SAJ3 » 07 Dec 2006, 03:06

I'm good with both but my right is alot better, for some reason after a little sprain, my left foot isn't doing so great in kicking anymore though I used to kick so great with it...

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BOTH option in the poll

Post by paulefty » 03 Feb 2007, 10:04

i hink u shd ad a "both" option in the poll..
at first i was left-footed like around age 10. then i used my right alot (not sure why, maybe cos my other frens used the right foot) so by 13 i was good in my left, decent in my right. then it's more or less the same now (im turning 16 in apr).

when i do rainbows or some other tricks i sometimes do it the right-sided way, sometimes left-sided way so i can use both now.

both is what you need to be good! if u are specialised in one side it's no use, cos when the ball's on the other side it wastes precious seconds trying to get it over to the other side, then the opponent will close u down already.

and being both-footed is a gd tool as u can adapt to defferent positions faster

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Post by gunnerz23 » 03 Feb 2007, 11:23

im a right footer, but i can juggle pass and recieve with my left...i just cant shoot with it!
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