Ball control on the ground

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I have a big problem with a ball control on the ground...I can't beat my friends(1 on 1) on a field when we play football and it really sucks :evil: I can juggle a mini ball more than 400 times and I can do most of all air tricks.So what's wrong with me??? I don't play football in any club.Maybe this is the reason? Maybe I don't have enough experience???
Or I should practice some special moves? Please,help me :?

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Practice ground tricks to wrong foot ur frends - things like stepovers and different turns :D Practice till u can do them perfectly every time - then skinning ur frends will be no bother :D

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Remember you dont always have to do tricks to get by people, you can use your speed if your fast.

exaple if your going full speed at a defender slow down when you get close to him then just sprint off right away you can also use this method with little feints or body movements and tricks.

but the key thing here is to just practice otherwise you will never be abile to do it.
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