Mental Quickness training

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Post ... elfMastery

Can someone read this and tell me what they get out of it lol

way too lazy

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I ain't reading that sh*t!
Everything you need, is already inside.

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i got through 4-5 paragraphs before wanting to stab you for asking me to read black and white text :p

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Does everyone have ADHD these days? If it's not on a Youtube video I'm not learning! :)

So I skim/read it... sort of interesting perspective on things... things potentially interesting:

Using Mental Imagery to prepare for things... this would be most useful for PK's or Free Kicks, having a set routine where you're mentally imagining what you want to do, then practicing with that routine, and then having a better liklihood of doing it again under pressure in a game situation.

Also talks about motivation for improving should be 'internal' to improve oneself instead of solely 'external reasons' to make money/rewards...

Thoughts about practicing:
1. Problem Identification: What do I need to practice?
2. Commitment: Do it!
3. Execution: Know how to get better/self improvement vs. external coaching
4. Environment Management: Need $$$ support for your training environment
5. Generalization: Do the above 4 in all aspects of life... not just the sport you're practicing.

Finally some stuff about meditating which to me sounded a lot like the 'imagery' stuff in the beginning.

Not a bad read, nothing revolutionary, Thanks for the link! :)

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