Size 1 or Size 5 football?

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Size 1 or Size 5 football?

Post by brasil_soccer9 » 17 Jul 2011, 17:48

What would you guys reccomend for dribbling + juggling practice, using a size 1 ball or size 5. I heard someone say that dribbling with a size 1 ball will ruin your dribbling when you transition back to the size 5 ball. Is this true? Thanks.

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Post by Rome_Leader » 17 Jul 2011, 17:50

I certainly believe so. Although, there isn't any harm in juggling with a smaller ball, so go for it if you want to. I just think it will be hard to adjust to a bigger ball in terms of touch and stride so much that it's not worth it trying to dribble or pull moves with it. But juggling should be fine!

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