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so me and my buddy play soccer horse shoes (i hope you all know what horse shoes is but maybe not)

this is the game, each player stand at a marker (we use a small pole in the ground) with a ball. I would say it doesn't really matter the distance but preferably anything over 10 yards. The first guy up lobs his ball directly at the other player near the pole, the player receiving the ball tries to bring the ball down and get it as close to his pole as possible. After he traps it down he leaves it there, take his ball and does the same to the opposite guy. Whoevers ball is closest to the marker wins. It's all about who has the best touch to put it where you want it and its a very fun game. Me and my friend play to 10 points and the loser faces a consequence.
Really its just a fun post for you guys maybe you can try it some time, you could also play doubles of this game, so each teammate stands on 1 side and hits the ball to eachother (and you know how the rest goes).

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