Small Ball Routine Test

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Small Ball Routine Test

Post by collin » 13 Jun 2011, 01:58

hello guys, this is my second attempt at the small ball routine. Last time i could only do it for 3 days because i had club soccer and important games and it took to much time to adapt to a big ball again. Im done with club and im finished with school on thursday. So what im going to do is start using my mini ball and tennis ball as much as possible and search for some results. This is how my schedule will be going.
I will probably do dribbling with my indoor shoes in my basement with my mini ball (the field i usually go to is slacking off on cutting their grass, attempting to dribble a mini ball in this thick stuff is a disaster waiting to happen).
So i will pretty much do what i did in my futsal videos except with a mini ball, just dribbling around as much as possible and shooting for the real game situation aspects.
I will do that for about 1 hour-1 hour and 30 mins. Then after that i will juggle the tennis ball for around 20 minutes or so if its going smoothly, if it blows i will go longer. After that, depending on the day.....if its a monday/wed/friday i will try to go up to the field with cleats and do speed dribble sprints with the mini ball (hoping to find a short patch of grass) do that 20 times or so with each foot, then get my wind sprints in. If its a tuesday thursday or saturday then i will not be doing the dribble sprints i will be at the gym.
Im also going to try and get into the habbit of dribbling this tennis ball around the house as much as possible, whether its grabbing a bite to eat in the kitchen or whatever you get the jig. Im going to do this until friday. (i have tryouts on saturday) It's still not as long as i hoped for but after the tryouts i will test it out more. My main thing is that im interested to see what it will feel like when i get to friday, and to see if i like the feeling of the ball feeling huge or not. Should be fun ill tell you how it goes!

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Post by desire10 » 13 Jun 2011, 04:29

Alright colling let us know how it goes!

A word of advice: I was juggling with a tennis ball today, and it jacked my technique up, and took a few mins to retrieve my form back with a regular size 5. So it's probably going to be the same for a size 1, with both juggling/dribbling/shooting whatever. So I'd put in a day (preferably before the trial) where you work with a normal ball to freshen up your skills.
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