Improving as a player.

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Hi guys, Ive stumbled onto this forum a few years ago when I was looking to improve my self as a player. I found the information on this site was not enough for me to improve to the player I one day hoped to be. So I continued searching the internet and found a few resoures that have helped me tremendously.

I found the thing that helped me the most as I did not have proper coaching for most of my playing life was buying the soccer u dvd set. It has been made the biggest difference to my game as i have relearnt skills I was performing wrong or not as efficently. I highly recommend the series.

The next thing I learnt was even tho I was becoming technically better I still was not at the level I wished to be. The problem was I was weak, by becoming stronger I became faster, more composed with the ball and was able to hold off defenders with ease.

I have started a topic on this in the exercise forum.


I hope I can help at least one person with this information.

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