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Alot of the best goals are due to improvisation and brilliance. (Maradona vs England '86, Giggs vs Arsenal '99 etc)

But what goals do you think were the result of perfect technique or timing? The result of a life time worth of practice and playing?

Heres my votes:
C. Ronaldo freekick vs Portsmouth '08. Huge degree of difficulty, couldn't have hit a better knuckleball.

Zidane vs Bayer leverkusen '02. Perfect timing of an incredibly difficult volley. I always try to replicate this shot but never have I hit it even close to as good as Zidane did. He also had like 2 seconds to think about it as the ball fell, which would feel like an eternity but he still stayed composed and didn't panic.

Cantona chip vs Sunderland '96. This goal was mostly improvisation, but the chip at the end could not have been better. Perfect technique and perfect placement.

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Recently arjen robbens goal vs manchester united in the champions league.

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messi vs getafe

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Theres so many henry goals i can say haha. But two of them are 1. The one against man u...which everyone knows that one 2. Not sure who it is against, but a long ball is played to him, he takes a touch in the air, then another touch over the defender, then inside the foot left foot volleys it far post over the keep. All without the ball touching the ground.

zidanes goal where beckham played a 50 yd long ball into the 18 and zidane one time volleys it out of the air left footed far post.

recently: gareth bales left foot volley a couple weeks ago! damn....

the wonder strike from van persie in 07'. Runs onto the ball around the 18 and volleys the sh*t out of it haha. I think it was against charlton.

bergkamp in 02' against newcastle. The touch around the player and finish.

c. ronaldo against europe XI or whatever. too sick of a freekick

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Ronaldinho controlling the ball and turning with his chest to set it up for the over head kick. Easily one of the most technically difficult goals you will ever see, and to think right I am going to control this so that I can over head kick it, is just unreal.

Another more improvised one was in his earlier days for Barca when he juggled the ball over a defender and then scissor kicks it into the bottom corner.

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I remember those Ronaldinho goals klc. Sick.

Two long range shots that I'll always remember:
Roberto Carlos' famous free kick against France in the WC.
Bronkhorst's inch perfect goal in this years world cup: ... re=related
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Keisuke Honda's free kicks (one at the World Cup and one from U21 Asian Championships a while ago spring to mind). He hits the ball with his instep, but it curls to the outside. Sort of like Roberto Carlos's famous goal but less power and, you know, he has scored it more than once...
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