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Post by acmilan94 » 08 Jul 2010, 18:35

Sick shots, man! I've seen people hit some good knuckleballs before but none like yours. I subscribed to your youtube page, can't wait to see the next video.
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Post by cdcr7skills » 10 Jul 2010, 20:58

no problem icy - i know that from myself xD had a tournament today and it was about 34 celcius here... :shock: well, maybe that's why we won xD

@ acmilan94: thanks :D

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Post by Icy » 14 Jul 2010, 20:27

...I'm beginning to think something bad will happen if I make this. Everything seems to be working against it. Went out today (practices going on this weekend when I went!) and it turns out the battery was minutes from dying. No big deal, I'll record a few... Nope I zoomed in too far so you can see no dip\anything on the few I got... I'll make my way out again in a couple days, but damn man everything is working against it.

You know whats sad about the 34C? That would have been considered a cool day to the week we had here. It was unreal. A tournament in that though? I couldn't imagine.
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Post by p793 » 14 Jul 2010, 21:14

Nice, I have been practising alot lately and got them on lock.

I find that jumping is the key when you have your shooting technique right...just works super well for me that way. so as your about to shoot tke your standing foot and hop a bit so your shooting with no standing foot.

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Post by cdcr7skills » 17 Jul 2010, 12:51

@icy: that's a bit strange, yeah...

@p793: could you upload some shots then? =) would be cool to see how you "hop" - because i can't imagine that you get enough power into the shot if you have no standing foot^^

new video btw =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akGxhg7qvTg

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Post by p793 » 17 Jul 2010, 13:07

Sure, but it will be probably in 2 weeks as i'm going on holiday. btw I said it wrong before !

**I do the hop as or just after ive made contact**

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Post by Rummandinho » 29 Jul 2010, 06:10

That is simply... Amazing

:| I'm still f***ed over by your shooting.

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Post by RQ77 » 31 Jul 2010, 15:07

Nice shots dude!

Can you tell me, what makes my shots going over the goal so usually and there is spin on the ball all the time? Do I hit the ball with wrong spot on my foot, or is it the wrong sport on the ball or am i doing the follow through in wrong way? Or is it all those together what I'm doing wrong?

My problem is in follow through that if I try to keep it short and go foot to "left" my shots takes spin to the left direction, you know what I mean? That short follow through keeps ball going left with spin. Another problem is that if it not goes left it goes over. There is only few shots when I get ball like "died" that there is no spin and it goes straight through forward. I don't know what is the main reason to those problems... First it would be the best get the ball goes with no spin, I think but I don't know what is the key for that.

I have practiced this about for a year now but it's not going still to succeed. I got it some times ago better but again it's lost and it is hard to get back how it goes.

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Post by Juice » 31 Jul 2010, 17:30


I saw your tutorial like a half year ago, and I have been training ever since.
I can basically get the shoot perfectly, the thing is when I try to add some power to the shot, everything just becomes wrong. What should I do to be able to add some power to the shots???

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Post by cdcr7skills » 05 Aug 2010, 20:09

if you can get it down with less power, ok - now try it with more power and keep thinking about the things that are important for this shot ;) you need a bit more body-control i'd say and then you'll get it down with more power, too

@rq7: can you please make a video where you kick the ball? thanks

outside curve tutorial is now uploaded^^

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Post by cdcr7skills » 13 Aug 2010, 13:59

icy? what about your video?

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