Here's my Training Routine

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Here's my Training Routine

Post by Kattle »

I am 20 years old. 5'9'' and 145 pounds.

I am going to do this workout: ... 087#217087

A few questions:

SHould I do those reps with light weights since I'm doing 5 sets or with heavier weights?

Will taking whey protein after my workout negatively affect me for football?
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Post by soccerjj »

Looks pretty good but not perfect for football. Im tired so i wont help you too much here are a few tips.

I would

add some kind of explosive jump for low reps before squats on leg days this will help explosive power. e.g. vertical jumps, jump squats, long jumps.

Take out power cleans as they hard lift to do right

Take out calf raises as they dont do anything unless your a bodybuilder and replace it with some high intensity conditioning at the end of your leg workout.

I would focus as you used to do x country on weights and ball skills. This weights program should not affect your ball skills work at all as its only like an hour 3 times a week.

I would tell you to do other stuff but am too tired atm.

Other article looks poor in my opinion.
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