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when i shoot i can hit the ball cleanly, but some reason everytime i hit it it flys over the crossbar, wat am i doing wrong? :(

i want to stop being a shankapotomus.

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If your problem is that the ball is going up too much, you must lean off to the side, and try to lean ahead over the ball at the same time. Simply put, leaning back, even the slightest bit, while striking the ball causes it to zoom up, while leaning over it will keep it lowered. You might have to modify your shot the slightest bit to accommodate, but it's much more rewarding to hit a somewhat weaker laser at the target than it is to 'shank' all your shots.

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Yeah my shooting has gone way down hill lately and I don't know why :( What i've figured is that I have have gotten so caught up in the speed and power of the shot that ive forgot about accuracy and finesse. Try hitting it slower and directly in the center. Make sure you are leaned over pretty far and make your follow through exaggerated until you have rid yourself of this problem.

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There are waaaaay too many reasons it could be without seeing a video. Some technical problems could include:

1. Supporting foot too far back making your foot swing threw too low
2. Leaning back causing your foot to go too low
3. Swinging your leg threw the ball wrong

Would you be able to post a video? Don't worry about "aim" of the shots for this. Just strike through straight into the goal (or over in this case :P ). a video would be the only true way to tell you exactly where it's going wrong.

EDIT: after going out and recording some stuff I had 10 minutes of battery life and decided to record some intentionally high kicks to show you the difference between them and low kicks. Should post it later today.. idk if I want to dub my voice over or just use text to describe whats "wrong\different". It's difficult to intentionally kick it wrong, haha
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