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is it mandatory to for dribbling like messi to dribble close to the ground, so that you have a low center of gravity?

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amu86 wrote:is it mandatory to for dribbling like messi to dribble close to the ground, so that you have a low center of gravity?
It helps enourmously but its not mandatory..
Don't imitate styles create your own, are you left footed, have growth hormone problems, are you short as hell, are you as fast as him?

I've tried to copy styles in the past to find out its the recipe for failing, find the style that identifies your self and then use it ...

It might be feints like dinho, or stepovers like Cr9.. Maybe cuts like Robben, or fake shots like Rooney .... If Rooney tried to dribble like Messi, or Cr9 tried to copy Kaka's style to beat men, they would probably fail..

Don't wanna confuse you though.. Maybe you are perfectly fine dribbling like messi, im just telling you what I had troubles with to maybe save you some time, but trial and error works as well
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Well, there's a difference between completely copying someone's style and taking elements of someone's style and adapting them to work for you.
Even if I had Messi's ability (I'm almost ashamed that I said that), if I tried to copy his style it probably wouldn't work. Differences in our physical traits, positioning, and general mentality would probably screw it up. However, taking they way Messi runs at defenders or using his body feints would work.
Anyway, to answer the original question, it helps you stay balanced, so if that works for you then go for it, if you have a better way of keeping balance then use that.
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Keeping your bodies center of gravity low is crucial to changing your velocity efficiently. Just like how sports cars are lower to the ground to allow them to take turns quicker without tipping over, you must also lower your body, so that you don't have to slow your movement down to make the turn. Messi does have distinct advantages along with his disadvantages with his body. No his smaller size doesn't make him faster than others necessarily, but he is able to change velocity more efficiently than others by a small margin, and he has taken advantage of that aspect, and developed his technique to reflect that. Messi doesn't have fancy moves because he relies instead of changes in direction, and bursts of speed (changes in velocity) to throw defenders off balance as we all see in his highlight videos.

Soooo, no you don't need to be short like him, but lowering your center of gravity will help you change direction easier without loosing speed.
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