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My high school soccer season just ends on Saturday. On Sunday, I'm going to begin this routine and it will continue until about November, which then high school season starts all over again. My goal is to be the main threat on my team, and to help my team win the league title and beyond.

Please critique it

Sunday Endurance/Fitness
30 Minutes - 50-yard suicides (5 yards) (2 min rest)
10 Minutes - Stretching

Monday Strength/Weightlifting
Muscle Group: Legs: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves
Speed Sqaut - 5 x 10
Dumbbell Lunges - 5 x 10
Leg Extension - 5 x 10
Leg Curl - 5 x 10
Stiff Leg Dead Lift - 5 x 10
Calf Raises - 5 x 10
Bicycle Crunches - 10 x 1 minute (30 sec. rest)

Tuesday Endurance/Fitness
30 Minutes - Stair Running
10 Minutes - Stretching

Wednesday Strength/Weightlifting
Muscle Group: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Dumbbell Incline Press - 5 x 10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 5 x 10
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension - 5 x 10
Skull Crusher - 5 x 10
Push-Ups - 5 x 10
Chest Lateral Raise - 5 x 10
Leg-Ups - 10 x 1 minute (30 sec. rest)

Thursday Endurance/Fitness
30 Minutes - Speed Running
10 Minutes - Stretching

Friday Strength/Weightlifting
Muscle Group: Backs, Biceps, Forearms
Dead Lift - 5 x 10
Barbell Row - 5 x 10
Dumbbell Lateral Raises - 5 x 10
Lateral Pull Down - 5 x 10
Dumbbell Bicep Curl - 5 x 10
Reverse Curl - 5 x 10
Bicycle Crunches - 10 x 1 minute (30 sec. rest)


MATCH DAY! / Rest day

After each day: 2 hours of ball work

-Monday/Thursday - Wall
-Basic Kick and Trap - kick the ball, trap, repeat.
-Kick, Receive, Turn - kick the ball, as you receive turn the ball to right/left
-"Triangle" - Kick the ball at an angle so that you can trap it from the side
-180 Degree Turn - Receive the ball and turn 180 degrees (sharp outside turn),shoot
-Quick strikes - repeatedly strike the ball
-Side Finishes - When ball comes back, play it 90 degrees right/left
-180 Degree Turn II - (inside turn), shoot.

Heading - head flicks; head to the side

Variations - do the above drills using the chest, thighs, instep, and head

Volleys - any kind of volleys!!

Sunday/Wednesday - Dribbling

-Slalom run - Start at one end of the row of cones and slalom through as quickly as you can. Use both feet to cut both inside and out.
Slalom through the cones only using one foot when going in each direction. Make sure to practice equally with both feet.
-Inside cut (Iniesta)
Go through the cones by cutting the ball with the arch of your foot. Move your body laterally each time you cut the ball.
-The roll
This is a simple drill, similar to the Inside cut except that you roll the ball instead of cutting it. Always roll the ball squarely to the row of cones and gently tap it forward to move to the next cone.
Plus, scissors, stepovers, 360's!

-Tuesday/Friday - Shooting/Kicking (all shooting from 18+ yards)
-Kick the ball in the air, control it, shoot from 30 yards
-Be creative! Use obstacles, use feints/moves, then shoot from different angles
-Passing- placing the ball in between cones, chipping the ball, etc.
-Free kicks
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I wouldn't do running up stairs to do endurance, because running up stairs is alot more strainous than you would expect and unless it is done at a very slow pace you will be doing anaerobic exercise which is not the point.

I would instead go to a park or a large area you can run on, and just run around it a few times at a gentle jog pace for 30 minutes, then you can bring a ball with you can focus on keeping the ball as close to you as possible to improve your dribbling at the same time. Thats an under-estimated drill, i used to always go running on the beach when i was in Ireland for holidays and i would run up and down a 6 km beach dribbling in between the seaweed at a gentle pace just keeping the ball under control, and now im one of the best dribblers you will play against.

Also, work on your control of the ball by juggling with every part of the body, head, both knees, both feet. If you can chest stall/aswel to add in chest control. Juggling is a great way to improve your trapping and ball control. Also try doing a drill where you throw the ball up in the air, trap it and turn in one touch and shoot on the next. Drills like that are brilliant for building your control/turning and shooting.

Besides that it looks good.

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Is it better to do different drills on different days like I am doing.

You know, I work on dribbling one day, then a couple days later I work on dribbling again. Or should I just do wall, shooting, dribbling every day?

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I would do a bit everyday.. Like 30 minutes a day if time is an issue.. I think you improve more doing a bit a day, than long practices every 3 days.. Both are good though..
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As far as stairs go, klc is correct. Running up stairs can also mess up your natural running stride on flat ground.
I made a set of drills a while back (on your first "Making the Difference" thread) that doesn't involve running up the stairs:

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