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Did some yesterday and keeping my foot flat seems hard, is it because i use the v1.08 indoors and the toe box is like that? amma keep trying, also how can I work on week foot, when i tryt o juggle with my left it usally messed up my streaks

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You need to get your left foot up to the level of your right.

Just practise dribbling and flicking the ball up with your left foot to build its co-ordination and then when you feel confident enough pick up the ball, drop it onto your left foot and kick it back up into your hands, if you can't do that at first then drop the ball, let it bounce, and then kick into your hands.

Eventually you should be able to juggle confidently with both feet if you do that and can practise them together.

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Yeah, you don't want to get 'stuck' only being able to juggle with one body part. Gives you much less control and you'll be dependent on it. If you start out getting an equal number of touches with each foot (even if they aren't successful right away) you'll appreciate the result in the end.

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Heres a list of juggling drills you can do, along with a few videos for explanation: ... 698#190698
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Another thought about when you are juggling- make sure you keep your whole body fairly relaxed, as this allows you to move easily and recover if you take a touch that doesn't put the ball where you want it. Keep yourself as "untensed" as possible, and it's suddenly a whole lot easier :D
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