Pylometrics and Improving Acceleration (4-7 week program)

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I need a 4 - 7 week program in order to improve my acceleration with focus on pylometrics. I will add some sprinting at the end of the program (say week 6 - 7).

Pre: I actually have high endurance meaning I am fit enough to tackle most intermediate pylometrics and sprinting exercises.

Main Problem: I have a constant problem of being too slow on the field. Long battery power but short bursts of speed.

Solutions: I want to focus on pylometrics exercises to help improve my explosive power and strength in the short term to improve my quick contracting muscles (There was a term for this, I forgot it though..)

Here's a rough draft:

Week 1 - 2: Basic Pylometrics Jumps
Week 3 - 4: Intermediate Pylometrics Jumps
Week 4: Pylometrics Jumps with Sprinting Combination
Week 5 - 6: Pylometrics Exercises + Some Emphasis on Upper Body Pylometrics
Week 7: Sprinting and Some Other Pylometrics Work, Other Emphasis on Upper Body Strength Pylometrics.

Specifically I need a weekly routine + reps/workout time/minimal equipment/etc. per week.

Planned start: 2nd week January

This is just a rough draft... I cant elaborate more because I need to have to log - off so Im sorry if this thread and the other I did are a bit vague>>_>

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