Can someone please make me a weekly routine?

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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1. Age? Im 14 years old
2. Strengths and weakness? im not the fastest but i have pretty good control and accuracy. im not very strong. i have slow feet so i dont sell on many moves. and i have a bad weak foot.
3. Goals (Where you plan to go with the sport) i plan to play jv this year and id like to play pro but i know thats not likely.
4. Your position? i play attacking midfield for the most part.
5. How much time you have to practice? I practice with three different teams almost everyday...but im willing to dedicate the left over time to this workout.
6. If you have any injuries/limitation (we assume you don't unless you post you do) sometimes growing pains and back spasms but nothing too serious

Other Info to Include

1. Have you started weight training? not really...i do pullups and weights occasionally though
2. Playing time? sadly id say 15-20 minutes in a 35 minute half.
3. Current team situation (happy, want to leave, etc.) alot of the players are cocky and can be jerks..but i want to stay with this team.i have considered leaving
4. What you want to specifically improve on? id like to improve on my speed (Physical speed and speed of play) and my weak foot
5. How much time you normally practice (if all) 1-2 hours a day
6. How much time you would like to practice ? 4 hours a day (i know its alot)
7. Current statistics? 7 assists, 4 goals, 5 posts, 11 corners, 5 free kicks
8. Other friends that practice with you ? just teammates, school players, and other teams' players
9. Weight training experience ? none
10. Years you've played football (soccer) ? since i could walk basically

Thank you so much! it would be helpful if you could email the routine to me at

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Try looking around the exercise section and the training routine section. Both have people who have similar problems to yours and have posted their own training routines (so that other EF members an critique the routine).

1. To increase your speed try:

2. To increase your strength:
Go to the gym or try some Alternative Strength Training Methods

-No, I don't think anyone here will go through the trouble of emailing you a routine when you could easily just check this post and then copy the info to a word document.

Here is a rough routine that you will need to chisel at to make it your own, individual routine:

Wall Drills with both your strong and weak feet.
Calf Raises

Plyometrics and/or Fartleks
Upper body routine
Calf Raises

Light workout/ Recovery (a nice bike ride/ swim is good)

Upper Body routine

A page you should take a look at:
How to make your own routine

Some helpful pages:
Soccer Fitness(by Expert)
Plymetric help
Exercise Section
Speed help
Bicycle Training
A post about wall drills I did
My Architecture Blog(updated 02-12-13)

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