Getting Over a Nervous Start

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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I played a finals game for my indoor soccer team a couple weeks ago and I played fairly badly because I felt that I got nervous before and at the start of the game.

Obviously when you are nervous you lack the confidence and alertness/toughness to play the game to the best of your ability.

What I want to know is how some of you guys break out of a nervous start to a game or how you compose yourself before a game when you feel nervous.

I don't normally get nervous and the previous week I played well during a finals game and did not get nervous, but I though it would be worth getting a few tips in how to handle it next time it happens and see how people generally deal with things like this.

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Cut all other things out of your mind and just focus on what you're doing at the moment. And do it best.

For example when you're on the field, cut out every thought. When you're passing the ball, focus on getting a clean contact, with correct weight, and good technique. When you're running off the ball, focus on which space you should be running into to help your team's play flow.

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Me, I put on my 'game face'. Check all emotions at the door, and focus on the task with a grim disposition. Make it seem as if you don't successfully win the ball, you will lose. You have to have that kind of mindset.

Next, you need to do the simple things right to build your confidence. Hit short but smart passes on the ground, and don't try to do a million things before the ball is at your feet.

Finally, recognize that everyone has bad days, and the only way to rectify them sometimes is to calm down and admit quietly that you screwed up. Then, do all you can next time to fix your mistake.

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I agree with rome leaders post, just relax and just focus on the game ahead.
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I agree with everyone here, You see, every athlete gets nervous, unless he is an arrogant bastard, yet still, 99.9% get nervous. Imagine walking into a 100,000 person Stadium everysunday like barcelona, wouldnt you be shitting yourself? Understanding that everybody is human just like you and makes mistakes is key. Imagine Oscar de la Hoya before he fought any fight, dont you think he was effing nervous, you could see it in his face, from 0 to hero everybody gets nervous. Getting nervous doesnt mean you lack confidence, or are less, it just means that your alive. When your nervous you release adrenaline, that helps you perform greatly...

In a concious state of mind you have to think positive, imagine yourself performing perfectly, everything you do is determined by previous programing, your unconcious is infinite like the ocean, you have no idea how capable you are of doing things, people changed the world, broke records, went to space, virtually anything can be done is this life. Nerves are just an obstacle, once you overcome them you will have a huge momentum and feel that everything is possible for you.

Steps to follow
1) Think positive, visualize, get yourself into a powerful state of mind.
2) Act, once you act itll be like magic, but if you dont act, it will be for nothing.

Sometimes we get these thoughts that we cant shake (nerves in your case), but sit down, wash your face, and ask yourself why the hell are you feeling like this? Is iit logical to be scared? If you are prepared and a good player theres no reason to be scared, its simple math. This happens to me, even though im great, i sometimes think negative that im not good enough, and I sit aside, and say wait?
Do i train.. CHECK...
Have I been playing for years? .... CHECK
Have I played well before?.... CHECK

after I eliminated all the reasons to be scared, and logically canceled out my fears i feel great..

but dont remember to DO IT, once you win the battle inside, the battle outside is a piece of cake....

Good luck men, and remember everybody is human, and life is to fu**ing short to be scared... :D

I might add visualization,
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many people said that basically its life and death weather you who that tackle or not. I find that if i put too much pressure on myself-like that- then i tend to focus more on my screw ups, before a game i listen to my ipod and draw- i find this calms me down so im in like a neutral mood, then i get slowly pumped for the game with the warm up etc. It keeps the nerves down and im much more focused, simples :)

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Enjoy the match and have fun.

Be confident and think to yourself in your mind, i am actually good or i am actually able to be the best player on the pitch, i just need to do the right stuff. When you have this approach instead of thinking " well i know im gonna screw up if i try and shoot" isn't the way to go.

The first and hardest battle on a football pitch is with yourself. Conquer that and you will conquer the game.

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