Recovery and Over training

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing

Do I need to rest more or eat more??

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Are you doing ball work or muscle training, or a combination of both for 30 hours a week?

It would be ideal if you could do muscle training 2-3 times a week (spaced out throughout the week). Ball work on the other days, varying what skills you practice. Even on muscle training days, it would be important to do a set of technical drills. If you need drills, ask.

Sometimes you might feel worn out simply because you are getting bored with your exercises. Try to vary them, and keep training interesting.
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Well, really, I'm sure you know the answer, but don't want to hear it. You need to really cut back on training on your own and possibly entirely for a few weeks.

If you've seriously been doing 8 hours a day along without actually having any sort of off season you're likely burned out. Generally people consider fatigue from a couple weeks as "overtraining" but the amount you've put in almost surely is.

As you know, you're ability is decreasing right now, so do you think doing more is going to help? You're not going to recover in a few days. Getting back to your normal self could actually take a month or two. A lot of it depends on you and what you're doing.

So, stop training entirely for a few weeks. Do things like walks though just to burn of a little of the extra energy you'll have.
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yeah but Icy Im in the middle of a season, how do you just take a few weeks off. As I said Im going to be doing that in the summer. I've been resting this morning but I have a practice tonight, still feel kind of tired with a slight ankle sprain. Should I just jog around or train? I think Im going to train...

Also I do weights but Ive stopped for the past several days to lighten the work load also almost all of it is ball work and its alright with drills. I dont really do drills, just do different things to work on different aspects of skill.
Any more ideas guys??

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