is it alright to pass with your ankle?

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im just curious because in this game i cross the ball with my ankle by mistake..... is ankle pass alright?

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williampro wrote:im just curious because in this game i cross the ball with my ankle by mistake..... is ankle pass alright?
if it works but more likely that not it's going to fail.

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lol I haven't been on here consistently in a while, and I remember how you used to ask really dumb questions.

Clearly, this hasn't changed.
Your idiocy ceased to amaze me

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your not supposed to pass with your ankle, but it has happened to me every now and then that in a tight situation like a 1-2 first time passes i missconect it, do whatever it takes to get the ball to your teammate..

but remember, passing is suppose to do with your foot most of the time :wink:

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You shouldn't pass with your ankle...Power in striking the ball comes from good connection, not how hard you swing your leg. In golf, you are taught to practise the philosphy that to hit the ball further, we should not try to hit it harder or to put more effort in it, but actually put less effort in and try to make a better connection,

Putting effort in causes tenseness, which causes inaccuracy, bad connection and bad power.

For the best connection you should try to hit the ball with the hardest parts of your foot. These include the instep, the bony part of the outside of your foot, inside of your foot and also the heel.

to hit it properly with your inside of the foot, you have to find the striking location first. Place your finger on the inside bone of your lower leg and go down the leg untill you reach the ankle, when your bone is attached to your foot. it should be a massive lump, you can't miss it its what makes your ankle that shape...

Now for me, i am quite skiny and musclly so there is a very visable tendon that goes from the bottom of this bone towards the striking location, if you cannot see this when you tense your ankle then do this.

With your finger on the large lump of your ankle bone, move your finger down and towards your toes pressing hard, you should reach another large bone in your foot that protrudes, this is the striking locations for the inside of the foot. A good connection with this lump in the foot will make any ball rocket towards your target with procision.

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