I need help finding out what ways i can improve in and how

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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okay...so i'm 14 years old and i want to be the best i can be, but im not close...i will list my strengths and weaknesses for drills...dont be afraid o ask for more detail, etc.

-ball control
-free kicks

-shot power
-bending, dipping, etc.
-defending could be better

p.s. i especially want to work on speed, endurance, agility, and defending...

please help

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Speed work can be improved by running hills/stairs.

Endurance can be improved by running. But not long distance, because in the game, you don't just run at one pace for the entire game. No, you are constantly moving forwards, backwards, side to side and at all sorts of different speeds. Fartlek running works best. Fartlek running is just mixing up your running.

Example: Run for 30 minutes straight, but in those 30 minutes:
-Jog for 4 minutes.
-Sprint for 30 seconds
-Cruise (75%) for a minute
-Sprint for 45 seconds

Get the idea? Just mix it up. But actually push yourself, don't jog for 29 minutes, then sprint that last minute.

Shot Power is developed by learning how to correctly hit the ball. I'm not a strong guy at all, and my legs are pretty small, but my shots are powerful. How? I hit the sweet spot: The exact center of the ball. It's really easy to adapt to, if you focus on it. Also, imagine how much more powerful it would be with a little more leg muscle. (Don't try weightlifting yet, at least until you're 16)

Bending,Dipping is created by your followthrough.

I'm guessing you want to know how to make it dip like Ronaldo? Well, there's plenty of guides out there for those who want to know. Here's one:


For your agility, it's all about acceleration, balance, coordination.
Here are some drills to help your agility from this site


For your defending, here are some threads posted by other users that I've found to be very helpful


I hope this helped. But with that being said, make sure you take a good look around this Forum and in the Training section. There's plenty of great tips drills if you take the time to look for it. Try the Featured Articles or use the Search feature.

Good luck! :D [/url]

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he's right except weight lifting really dosen't have an age just make sure someone is watching you don't just try it by yourself get a trainer or someone who knows what they are doing.

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sorry this topic is dead :( but can you provide links for drills to do inside. i have a wall but i cant shoot a soccer ball at it ( i use i really light ball)

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Its ok if the last post on the topic was a long time ago, its better that you post on an existing thread instead of making a new one, that way this thread turns sort of into a wikipedia of different peoples knowledge and advice which is much more benefical than having 10 different threads with the same topic.

My input is that, speed endurance and agility all come under the branch of conditioning. Unfortunate for you, this is one of the more painful things to practise as your going to be consistantly pushing your body to the limit to improve on it. Just think of your motivation that for every extra rep you do and for ever extra lap you do, your getting closer and quicker to your goal and improving more.

Basicly doing leg weights is brilliant for building muscle power, doing higher weights but more reps is fantastic for building up your speed as this promotes muscle growth and strength which will make your speed better, your agility better as your muscles been stronger lets you move around quicker and more powerfully and finally your shot power will increase from the extra strength also.

Endurance can be improved on by going on long distance runs, doing any aerobic exercise (meaning your body is using oxygen in respiration, which is things at a slower pace like a jog) will build up your aerobic strength and let you run for longer and keep active for the whole match.

Most of shot power comes from technique. Perfect connection and swing are a must, im not going in depth on this because this has been covered many times before.

Defending, ah heres a thing that can really only be improved on by practising and gaining experience. The best advice i can give you is it is better for you to shadow the player when he has turned and is on the ball because diving in will let him run past you.

When chasing down a player never try to cut him off either, if hes clever he will fake a pass and cut it back and make you look absolutely stupid, so run straight at him and the ball and go for it. Try and stick to your man like glue, when the ball is played to him, if he recieves it don't let him turn, put him under immediate pressure and try and win the ball or atleast force him wide or to make a pass backwards. If you get to him before he recieves the ball, then make a attempt to win the ball, aerial or on the floor, just try and dart round and go for it and win your team position, this could result in a counter attack and your team scoring.

Finally don't be afraid of the ball when going for headers or in for tackles...honestly, if you keep your eye on the ball and contact with the proper part of your forehead then it will not hurt AT ALL, trust me on that one, unless maybe your sunburnt, then it might hurt a bit.

As for jumping up for the ball, my biggest fear was always getting punched or head butted by another player jumping for it, just call your name for it and then jump up for it, keeping your arms in a wide position so that if anyone jumps into you, you have some sort of protection and presense and won't just get knocked over.

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