how to bring swing your leg for curve?

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I'm having trouble how to hit the ball with your side of your foot for power cross and freekicks? like i know to hit it with power you must flex your knee, but like when i swing it back do i bend my foot to the side or just when im about to hit it i turn my foot to the side to curve it.....?

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For free kicks and corners i don't use the side of my foot. I use the inside of my big toe. So where my big toe joint is, i hit the ball with the inside of that, it allows you to get better power because the impact point is smaller. I only ever use the inside of my foot for passing and for one on ones.

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Nah. If you want to curve it, you should still hit the ball with your instep. Just lean the way you want it to curve, and swing your leg ACROSS your body. That last part is very important, as it can put curve on any ball. Finding where the middle of the ball is also helps, so you can hit it slightly to the right or left for maximum effect.

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When i hit ball to curve it i hit it with the instep like rome leader said but i like wrap my foot around the ball to get the curling motion in it, takes a bit of practice but once u get it youve got it.
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