when doing stepovers.........

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when you do stepovers and change direction........ mostly do you use your instep of your foot to push the ball into the direction you want? or outside? im just wondering........

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dude just watch the pros..... i would say it depends on your dribbling style... me, i push the ball with the external part of my shoe, but i rarely think about it, its natural already for me

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I find it easier to use my instep when doing stepovers when moving(like running/jogging), but it's easier to use the outside of my foot after doing stepovers in a stationary position, in my opinion.

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I never use my instep for dribbling...Look at messi and ronaldo, they both use the sides and front of their foot because it gives them a better feel for the ball and it lets you do gentler touches, using your instep makes the ball go ahead of yourself.

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wat is the best way to increase speed when doing stepovers :? [/code]

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barcafan wrote:wat is the best way to increase speed when doing stepovers :? [/code]
Best way is to just practice doing them, thats how i improved.
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