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Idk where this would go, so im just posting it here.

My biggest problem is when I receive the ball I always take one touch then figure out what to do with the ball. Now I don't do this every time, i can play one twos ect.. But most the time I slow myself down because I have slow decision making(Not knowing what to do with the ball before I get it).

Now I have no idea how I can improve this...Its really frustrating, is there anything you recommend?

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Set a target
Before you get the ball decide are you gonna have a shot on goal or cross or dribble to the bi-line

Your first touch is aimed to get you as near to that target as possible in your first touch (this may even include the first touch being a shot for example, or a one touch pass) You make your biggest advance toward your target with your first touch (not literally, but hypotethically)

After your first touch if you cannot practically reach your target you must improvise (eg. dribble, fake, take a shot, play a 1-2)

After you have improvised for a bit and find there is not way in reaching your target pass backward to retain possesion and let the team start again

Ideally you should have gone no further than step 2
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Also, know where everyone is on the field before you get the ball, ideally you should know where the person marking you is, how much space you have, and passing/shooting/dribbling options.

And Like NBP said you should know what your are going to do with the ball before you get it.

The best way to make quicker decisions is to follow what I said and what NBP said, improve all your skills: emphasis on passing, first touch, and ball controll, watch how the pros play, and get a lot of match experience...which will help you gain awareness, reaction time, and speed of thought...
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Intelligence is knowning what to do when you don't know what to do. Football isn't a routeen thing that you can practise set scenarios and if you perfect them you have perfected the game, because every situation will be different and even experienced players get put in situations where they have never been before. Its just knowledge of what you should do and knowledge and experience to know wether your good enough to execute the moves you need to do.

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I'm glad you post this topic because i faced the same problems. Also i appreciate for all of your helps.

Anyways, from what i've learned is that you need to understand the team well. That is to say each players role and their movements. Well not all of them, at least the ones closer to you. So for example, if you're playing as a central midfielder, you might want to analyse the forwards and the wingers. Look for an open space or their runnings etc.

So by understanding your team, it can improve on your awareness and decision making. But in an ideal world, you need time to adapt and understand the team. That's why from my experience, I would get to know the ones that are closer to me, just take the center midfield as an example. I would also get to know their names because it makes it easier to interact and therefore improving your decision as well.

That's about it, plus all the attributes mentioned above. Hope that helps 8)

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You could get some mates and play a 3v2 donkey in the middle type of game.

Just make a square box. The three players will take one corner each, leaving the fourth empty. Two defenders inside the box who will try to intercept the passes and / or pressure and / or tackle the player with the ball .

The three players pass the ball to each other, but after the pass, the player has to move to the empty corner. This will encourage player movement and finding space. Also, the player receiving the ball will have to keep an eye on which corners his players are.

You can start this with a relatively large box with slow pace, and then gradually reduce the size of the box and increase the pace.

Hope the reply is not too late and helps you out.

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