How does 1 touch with the wall improve me ?

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Like the title suggest.

I've been passing against the wall for a really long time. I started out with both legs, at that time i cou;dn't even pass properly with my left, now i can make a decent shot. I was wondering should i continue Doing 1 toches with the wall ? i can do up to 4000 touches a day during my school breaks and around 1000-1500 touches when i have school I've been doing it for some time

so my questions are

1) what aspect of my game does it improve
2) when passing where should i be looking at ?
3) Is it alright for me to not just use my inside foot? i use outside, toe, sole. i use these 4 places, is it fine ? cause just the inside alone tend to get boring after a while!~

Thanks in advance ~

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Passing agaianst a wall is one of the best drills you can do because you can practice passing, shooting, volleying and heading while also practicing your ball control at the same time. Wall drills will especially help improve your:

Weak Foot
Running onto a ball

Yeah try and use more then just the inside of the foot to pass against because in a game who knows which area of the foot you may have to use in a game.
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i often pass the ball to the wall at home inside the house because it helps me with my touch as sometimes the ball comes back quicker and stuff. i also pass and stop with one foot pass with the other which gives great control along with trying new turns and other things
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If you get bored with the wall, start to do more match play with your friends. Maybe just got to the wall once a week. I think Mint covered exactly how wall drills help you.

The wall also helps improve your overall speed of play because the motions have been "programmed" into your brain and muscles. This lets you control the ball quickly, almost without even thinking.

Once I "mastered" the all the wall drills on this page:

I started improving my field vision and real game skills by playing with my friends in matches.

I also invented my own drill:

Find two walls anywhere from 3-5 yards apart.
-Pass with one foot. The ball comes back
-Trap with the passing foot. At the same time your are turning and setting the ball up to pass with the planting foot to the other wall.
-Pass with the other foot.
-Trap with the passing foot...etc

To challenge yourself, do the drill faster.
*Important: keep good passing technique and balance. There is nothing worse than practicing bad technique.
Trap with the passing foot.

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