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Post by oranje74 » 21 Jul 2005, 06:16

this is really inspiring guys..its nice to know ur not the only one practicing
but its also upsetting because the more u practice the better u get...and u guys are getting better than me
i got a nice roteriro yesterday for $30 its white and now i have a proper match ball to go with my smaller ball that i use against me stoop do u do 3.2????
this is my (pretty much) daily routine
The Training Routine

2 Mile Run interspersed with water breaks
Thigh, Calf, foot and groin stretches
10 Knee to Chest Jumps
10 Ball Jumps
10 Dribbles around the tree
Freestyle dribbling practice
10 Straight First touches off of stoop per foot
Freestyle Juggling
10 Traps per foo
for me, fitness is half the battle, if ur techinically decnet and fitness superorirs, u are the better player

im pretty much alone in my hood, most of my friends are away and one of my friends is lazy and the other one is taking a more intense coure in summer school while im just in a preview i have alot of time on my hands

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Post by human » 21 Jul 2005, 17:51

for Frizzyan.
i am 2 years older than my brother but he has more venom in his kicks than me i think i have to get biomechanics right but theycant be only by practicingso is their an way out.

improved in week frm 10 to 40, there is a simple way for getting it rightwhen u tap the ball up look at the ball and hit itwith your top of the foot u'll get upto 70

the first thing i worked on when i started playing football was crossing coz at that time it was BEckham Mania so i can pick out any one within 40 to 50 feet radius

i've got a bit of problem when def. doesnt bite and i dont want to use scissors much i guess how zidane always makes def. bite without using stepovers as he hasnt got the pass to run past a defender.Well help in this section would be appreciated

deadly at bending it in frm 20 to25 yards not in power shooting as i mentioned it above, but i discovered that u get a very sharp bend when u kick it with right side of your sole{right foot} intead of outside of your foot but the only drawback is it usually works 20 yards and when ball is still

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Post by upandcoming » 24 Jul 2005, 01:51

frizzyan wrote:Hey yung-ital, how much did you practice from being completely useless at juggling into doing all these wack combo moves?

Just wondering. and even if it's less than I expected, I'll still maintain my aim. if it's more, then obviously i'll up my practice time but it's hard with such a condensed schedule.

My New Journal Entry is coming tonight guys!! (Mainly fitness training though -_-)

juggling is all about practise i can juggle 4000 and do lots of tricks and i just practised juggling and advanced and now i can do lots of stuff

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Post by CASA15 » 24 Jul 2005, 02:11

well ive been practising for at least an hour everyday for the last 3 day and before my highest was like 15 and i could only juggle for like 3 in a row and today i beat my record and got 56 and now i can do like 20 consistantly.

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Post by amu86 » 06 Nov 2009, 17:19

right now since its winter i mainly do close control drills and touch drills. and my juggling sucks really bad.
this years season i got 12 goals and 4 assists
im 13
im the second best on my team
i need drills to work on passing and shooting inside.

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