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Hi everyone.
im a more skillful player with great touch/ball controll.. however for next season i need to improve on the power of my shots/crosses and long passes.
-i am small, 5foot
-not v muscley

-dont like to use my instep very much because, yes it has power but no sence of direction and i always think im going to kick the floor when im going for a full instep drive..
:roll: :shock: :shock:
any ideas how i can improve on this?

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make sure your leaning sideways away from the ball so you don't catch your foot on the ground, then practice using your instep as much as possible over the summer because with practice accuracy will come

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Always use a half instep drive when your shooting (unless its a volley), because more than 50% of the time you're gonna shank it. Plus, if you use a half-instep drive, you won't dig your foot into the ground, and its about the same as sweeping it with the inside of your foot. Best way to practice is to use a wall or a rebounder (do those exist anymore?)

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Hey, we seem to be in the same boat on this one.
Whenever I am crossing or trying to increase a shots power/distance I try to remember two things:

--Keep good technique

--Accelerate your leg faster, don't try to kick harder.

Here is a useful guide made by expert:

If you think your to is going to hit the ground, angle your foot diagonally and lean to the side a some.

I don't think you need to increase your leg muscle too much, but a little wouldnt hurt (lunges, stairs, core muscles)

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