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Hi, this is my weekly training plan. By the way, as of now I'm just playing for my school team and a local league team, nothing special as the schoolwork is piling up. Wish I had time for my club team again... :(

4:30- Light 2 mile run.
5:00- 5 Sprints to the net and back
Dribbles across the 5 meter course and back (5 of each)
-Double Scissors
-Triple Scissors
-Behind the leg turn
-Reverse scissors turn
-Roll behind the leg turn
-Right foot moving shot for 20 minutes.
-Left foot moving shot for 20 minutes.
-Free kicks for 20 minutes
-Shot against brick wall and control for 15 minutes
-Cross from net to wall for 15 minutes.

Juggle for 20 minutes and then shoot around for another 20 minutes.

5:00- Repeat Montays routine excluding the 4:30 run.

School practice from 3:00-4:45
-Juggle for 20 mins
-Shoot on net (left+right) for 30 minutes.
-Wall passes with left and right for 10 minutes.

5:00 -OR- 4:30
-100 Top of Ball Touches (x2)
-10 sprints to the net and back
-100 Stepovers (x2)
-5 sprints to net and back
-10 dribbles with speed to net and back
Repeat Monday's dribbling routine
-Right foot shots for 10 minutes
-Left foot shots for 20 minutes
-Free kicks for 10 minutes
(If I have enough energy I will run a fast paced 1 mile run)

Off day
Will most likely practice but not as serious

8:00- Run a 2 mile course.
10:30-Noon- School practice
Repeat Wednesday's after school practice routine

Start anytime
-Repeat Thursday's fitness practice
-Repeat Monday's Shooting+Crossing routines.

And that's it.
I also stretch before every training session and I do strength training every night.

Please tell me how I can make it better, my ultimate goal is to make it pro and I'm going to work every day to achieve this.

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I think you could add some more wall work. Receiving is one of the most important parts of the game and having a solid touch that you can manipulate anywhere will really up your game. Without a good touch your other skills would be useless.

And 2 miles isn't that much running unless you are really pushing yourself to get really good times eg. 11-13 minutes. So I recommend that you try to increase all your 2 mile runs to 3 or 4 miles as your fitness increases. Note that I realize you have sprints after most of your runs too so I'm not saying do that right away, just as your fitness increases. And after a while, you might want to get rid of most of your long distance runs and do things like fartleks, intervals, and suicides instead.

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I appreciate you posting! About the wall work, my net has a huge hole in it, so all of my shot training excluding free kicks, will be on the wall. This is really improving my touch and receiving along with my shots. Anyways when I have to train inside due to the weather, I'm going to be playing with a wall there too. So I think I'm good with wall work as of now.

I'll try to increase my pace of running, today I ran the two mile course very quickly and I'll try to improve on that next time, once I get to a peak time I'll increase the distance.

Anyways everyone- I'm going to be making a progress log tonight hopefully, so please go check it out if you have time.

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This is a good training routine...I will probably use some of it for my own purposes.
Do you use a pedometer and/or would you recommend one?

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Try using this website, you can just track how far your run would be-

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You're lacking quite a bit of strength training. Core work, upper body work, even lower body work is important to build a balanced footballer. And also, for the sprints to the net and back, you should also add a few more sprints with the ball, because pure speed (just running) may differ alot from technical speed (with the ball/resistance).

How old are you by the way? It might help to judge whether or not this is appropriate for your age.

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I am 14 years old.

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