How to take more than 40 yard free kicks ?

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Hi expertfootball, I am 14 yrs old & i can take free kicks from at a maximum 35 - 40 yards & goes to the goal.It goes curling towards the top right corner.

I want to know how to kick a free kick more than 40 yardsout,Ball going flat with no spin, but must be powerful enough to beat the keeper

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Dont. Pass or cross, your 40 yards out, you have to have a lot of luck to score from there. Use your set pieces wisely, it becomes extremely important when your older.

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You'd be lucky to score from 30 yards out, let alone 40, no matter how flat and powerful it is. Unless the keeper makes a massive blunder, shots coming in from that distance would be catching practise for alot of keepers, they wouldnt have too much trouble anticipating it.

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Yeah i agree, to score from that distance you would have to be ridicolously talented or lucky or both. I would work on passing and crossing if you are taking one from that distance.
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Or you could be Juninho.

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neoExodus wrote:Or you could be Juninho.
Yea, Juninho scores quite a few near the half, but its usually by surprise (the goalie usually anticipates a lob to the strikers) when you drive it. Curling it won't do you much good, it probably lacks the pace to surprise anybody.

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I mean if your playing against a keeper that cannot touch the bar because you are like 14 and 13 year olds you could sorta kick it like a clearance and try to get it to go in just above the keeper....becuz most 14 year olds cant kick the ball like 70 mph...
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Agreed completely. Unless the keeper is quite obviously off his line, and you have a lot of confidence in your ability, no one would try a shot from that distance, not even a pro.

Instead, work on hitting the perfect cross or pass in that situation, and it will serve your team a lot better. The kick is free because it is a free pass to better your team position! I don't CARE if you think nothing in life is free, take it anyway! ;\

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shooting from 40 yards is something pros do because theyre pro, unless your the next juninho you might not have much luck in a game situation with pressure on you. it will also alienate you from teammates, however anything 25 yards out and under i would shoot, maybe even 30. sometimes you just have to think about if it would be better for the team for you to shoot or pass when your 40 yards

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When I'm 30 yards or more out and theres a crowded penalty area, I just hit it with knuckle swerve on it (no spin, random direction changes and moving at roughly 75mph)...
I ain't never scored that way, but two or three times it has bounced favorably off the keeper and to one of my teams strikers for an easy tap in
Its very hard to get a good contact from that distance (I'd say I get 1 decent one out of every 4 or 5 attempts) but its very effective when you do (Pro keepers sh*t there pants when facing a knuckle ball, imagine an amatur... knuckleball=smelly dressing rooms)

Apart from that the knuckleball isn't very useful from the set peice

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