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Okay so I've been wondering, when finishing off a cross, what foot should I use? Should I let the ball come across my body and hit it with that foot or hit it with the foot that is closest. So suppose the ball is crossed from the left side, should I use my left foot to finish it (closest) or my right (across)? I don't have a problem using either foot, I just want to know which way is correct.

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I think it's best to let it come across your body when it's on the ground and hit it with the foot closest in the air.
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Let it come across your body if you want to drive it in, and to curl it/ guide it in use the close foot. Close foot is easier to make contact that is significant if the ball is coming really fast on the ground.


In the air it is easier to guide it in using the further foot. It is easier to get a clean hit as well. This is only if you are running on too the ball and can only just make it. In this case the close foot is pretty pointless.

If you have time, as it comes towards personally I use my close foot because I also have the rest of my body to back it up if I air swing.

I like to use my head, but when I have to do what you are saying I just do what I feel is right.

This is what I believe from personal experience.

It is apparently correct to use the further foot if the ball is in front of you, and the closer if it is behind you.

I hope my ravelling on makes sense.

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Well it depends on the time you have, if you are in acres in space allow it onto your favoured foot
But if your in a packed penalty area hitting it clean and quickly is important and always being the first person the hit it, so use the foot closest to the ball

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right foot.

Its A Girls Game.

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well another thing is the difference between a shot and a finish... if you want power and it is coming in the air, let it go across your body... if you simply want to finish, use the closest foot so it will be quicker. On the ground you can use either foot especially if your a two-footed player... finishing is my favorite part of the game, i guess its because im a forward :lol:

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new born prodigy said it, its not an official rule, most of the time when you gotta finish a cross /its because your in the box,a place where you have small amount of time, you cant even control the ball, so you gotta strike it with whatever will direct it towards the goal.., sometimes your gonna have to hit it with your knee, chin, heel whatever is clever

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