Left Foot Shot

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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How Can I get a shot on my left shoot ,its so horrible that I shot with my toe on the left foot, and am trying to lay in college d1 at this level its not looking well, and are the puma v1.08

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just practice kicking, shooting, passing, and dribbling with your left foot. I suggest going to a wall and practice shots with your left and then practice controlling it with your left and shooting again. If ur left is that bad i suggest taking about 100 shots a day with it
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my shooting was/is awfull with my left foot but its slowly improving, i just try and use it when im training thats all you have to do.
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It depends on players. Some need to practice to perfect it and some when put them under pressure they can unleash with their left foot, take jimmy floyd hasselbaink as an example. So I think you need both practice and use it in games.

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mint wrote:my shooting was/is awfull with my left foot but its slowly improving, i just try and use it when im training thats all you have to do.

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I agree with what everyone else is saying..practicing with it is all you can do to get better.

However, Knowing proper technique is a must before you actually start kicking against the wall.

Some tips:

Watch how you use your right foot to strike the ball:
Break it down into detailed steps,then copy that over to your left.

Example--How I improved my right foot--

I looked how and where I planted my right foot when I shot with my left.

I made a note of how my body (hips,shoulders, arms, everything) were positioned prior to left foot contact with the ball. Also, how my weight is distributed/balance.

I looked how my left foot was positioned just before I struck the ball.

At each of these steps I paused, making sure I knew what was proper form. I then switched over to my right foot and made sure I was copying my left accurately.

*If you can, practice some bare-foot.

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