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So I have been playing on my highschool's varsity team for the past 6 weeks and I have consistently been playing like sh*t. My first touch is bad, I'm indecisive and very slow (not running-wise, I play slow). My biggest problem is that I've been quiet. I will be playing center mid and touch the ball once in 10 minutes.

On my club team I never had any of these problems. I'm pretty sure that the reason I'm so quiet is that the game at this level is a lot faster, but what can I do to remedy the other things?

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Well dude, first you need to know your teammates, that was why you were "better" in your other team, if you know them you will automatically play your game. Hope you have good teammates, unlike me... Next you have to do some adaptation to the Meta that their playing on, but thats just a case of you watching a game from the audience and taking some notes on positioning, areas of play and directions of the game, once you get how they play and your loose enough to adapt, its going to be easy.The rest if up to you. Hope i helped.

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it looks like your insecure, when you get to the game and warmup, first thing you do is yell, (PASS, SHOT, or LETS GO!!!!!!!!), do it like 3 or 4 times and you will get outgoing automatically, and relaxed to talk to your teammates.
After that make sure your warmed up real good, so try a few tricks or juggle before the game to get your touch smooth, get a lot of touches on the ball in the warm up.
When the game starts, yell again ( MAN ON!!, TURN LEFT!!) and talk a lot , you will then stop thinking about it and just do it.
Then tell yourself, you cant afford to play like you did previosly, and that you need to play for your fullest, or all the practice and effort would be for nothing!!!!!!
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Dont even worry man. find what your bad at and train it. If its a confidence problem..your the only one that can help u with that
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