Training in Winter

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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OK, thank you for looking at this but i live in Indiana, where it is very cold, and thanks to day light savings, it gets dark around 530. I usually dont get home from school until 345ish. I sometimes train as soon as i get home, but sometimes i have to do homework or something le that pops up. My mom usually doesn't like driving me to like Y or something to pratice, so what can i do so i can keep my game up because i have a goal of being a great palyer and the only way to reach that i know is through hours of GOOD practice, which is especially important when time is rare

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Find a good wall by your house and just practice passing, shooting, and recieving the ball is one way.

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yea i live up north too and it gets dark around 400-430 here in the winter. i usually go on a run (bundled up of course) right after school then weight train for about and hour, doing ball work after that. As long as you do whatever you need to do outdoors before anything else, the early darkness becomes less of a problem.
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I live in Ohio so I def. know what your talking about. It's really cold here too.

If your mom won't let you go to the Y then try practicing in your garage or basement. I used to do it. I would move the cars out into the driveway, close the garage door and then practice inside. I would set up a mini goal or make my own goal markers using shoes. I could practice dribbling,and ball control mostly as my parents would get mad if I hit it against the wall.

In my basement I would just dribble around furniture and other objects to work on control.

Do you have a front yard with some space? I used to turn on the outside lights and even bring a light from the garage outside and plug it in to give me more light.

Do you have an indoor soccer facility nearby? You could try joining a league or see if they have some pickup games, its better than nothing. You also may be able to rent the field. My indoor place allows this but its steep about $75 per hour, I've never done it though.

Do you play club soccer? Have you thought about ODP?

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yeah, im from New York and it gets pretty sh*tty around here during the winter. When im not practicing with my club team(only 2X a week) then i usually juggle in my basement or garage, juggling in tight spaces during the winter helped me when we finally got outside and my ball control was great on a huge of right now its dec 3rd and theres no snow out so for now im lucky i can still practice outside
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My off season is now. Weather conditions here are similar to yours. Wet, slushy, a chilly breeze blowing, not good weather to be outside. That's why my main focus is always to improve my strength, and speed/agility.

First of all, find your own transportation to the Y. That's most important. My training basically relies solely on the Y and also fitness class. The Y provides weight training equipment and speed/agility training equipment, and also space for you to practice ball skills. Competitions wise, look for indoor pick-ups, not much else you can look at. I have enough cuz my outdoor season usually consists of 4 games per week.

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