Improving BASIC skill training

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Improving BASIC skill training

Post by infectted » 09 Nov 2008, 10:22

Hi ,

Age : 14

Strength : I have enough stamina to keep me running for an entire game, I'm able to move with the ball, I can read plays

Weakness : I have really weak ball control especially when its a cross coming in, I'm rather bad technically in terms of defending one on one, man marking, covering and i need them all in my position ( defensive mid ) I need to be able to place more power on my shots, I need to work on my upper body strength

Goals : i would like to go as far as my body can take me.

Position : defensive Midfielder

Time : Rather limited as i'm a student, but my break is coming up

CURRENT SCHEDULE ----------------------------------------------

6.00 - 6.15 : A short morning jog, roughly 2.4 km. Alternate days with and without the ball

10.30 - 12 : Another Jog, just that i jog to my nearby street soccer court, here i practise some passing, 100 passes on each leg ( running passes ), another 100 on each leg ( stationary ), Shooting ( roughly 30 ? )

3-6 : Its usually either a soccer match, if not i'll run again to a street soccer court and play a game.

My breaks are such that every 4-5 days i take 1-3 days break depending on my body, i've got a really problemetic with both my ankle either dislocated or sprained before, my elbows dislocated, my shin broken. And all these injuries i did not take care of well when i was younger :( so now its back to haunt me


As you see,

Theres alot of running involved, i used to run 10km everyday for the sake of stamina, i stopped and now i'm running like at most 8km. or sometimes as short as 2km.

I tried to improve my ball work, but i'm not sure what excersise to do

What i hope to achieve with a new schedule -----------------------------------

I would like to :

Sprint alot faster ( 100m - 13.5 secs currently )
Control High Balls well
My Shots possessing ALOT more power
A upper body that i do not need to be at a disadvantage when i go into a 50-50 challenge

Side Note : My friends and people i know all say i've got freakish big calf, its basically cause i walk alittle specially that cause me to "train" my calf muscles which i have been doing since i was born, but the downside is that according to the doctor, it causes a person to be short. ( i'm like 1.65m btw ) So i'm thinking it could be alittle bout my technique

thanks in advance (:

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Post by NewBornProdigy » 09 Nov 2008, 12:31

Well to learn technique man its all down to repetition

-First you find something to observe
eg. a pro player taking a shot
-Then you visualize how to do that in your mind
-Then you keep practicing that until you get the right form

After your technique is perfected you need to apply it to match situations, and reduce time and space

Now you need to establish what to practice:





Dead Ball



And how to practice:

-High repetition's of the five basic kick techniques (see passing and shooting guide) with a shooting style to them
-Add in obstacles you have to avoid and limit touches you have before shooting
-Shoot while running, straight after controlling

-High repetition's of the five basic kick techniques (see passing and shooting guide) with a passing style to them
-Add in obstacles and reduces touches
-Pass while moving away from your target

-High repetition of your favorite volley techniques
-Volley the ball while running
-Volley the ball at an angle while approaching the ball from the side

-High repetition of heading downward (attacking) and high and upwards (defending)
-Simulate a cross and head to the side
-Simulate a cross and head the ball while running on to it

Dead Ball
-High repetition of your favourite kick technique
-Set target's in the goal you have to hit
-Put obstacles in the way you have to curl the ball around or over

-A line of cones and dribble through them at high speed, and high repetition
-A line of cones and you have to accelearate beside them touching the ball once at each cone
-a line of cones and dribble through them at high speed, then do a move around the last cone

-High repetition of simple control, eg. pass to a wall and control
-High repetition of controlling aerial passes
-High repetition of controlling passses while moving

And for speed:

Well this is more soccer specific, but it amounts to changing direction, starting akwardly and say keeping speed up while controlling a pass

All drills should start with a disadvantaged start
eg. 10 push ups, or lying on your belly

Then sprint and set up an obstacle course for you to sprint through, across or around.
Also try have parts where you have to control the ball, shoot or do something like touch a cone with your finger.
Also have lots of big changes in direction


well it may not make sense but the more muscle you have the faster you go, look at 100 metre sprinters
its down to how your upperbody controls your core and your arms control your rythm

work on strenght so you can pump your arms faster, so your legs pump faster
and work on your core and upperbody so your body supports the back correctly and your posture improves
and work your legs so you have that extra Ooomf in your stride

Elastic Power

Well in saying that about strenght, its not much use without power, your muscles are like elastic bands and when you work them out they grow and tighten, so to get them back to their springy way you need to tarin that way
think this way:
Potential strenght is no use unless you convert it into power

Ways of doing that are:
-skipping rope drills

Fast Feet

This is important for co-ordination, control and acceleartion

Fast feet are easily worked by doing simple foot co-ordination drills at high speed
Touch the top of a ball alternatly with each foot.
Do stationary stepovers around a ball.

Stride Technique

split this into 3 groups:

Stride Frequency
This would be mainly accelertion, you want to lean slightly forward and try get your feet moving as fast as possible and getting your knees high.

Working on your: fast feet, elastic power and agility will help this.

Also running downhill is good cause you have to take extra steps at a quicker rate that your used to the stay balanced.

Stride Lenght
The lenght of your stride is most important when your running at full tilt again high knees and a have a straight upright posture.

Working on your:Elastic power and flexibilty.

Stride Power
This is how much power you can displace with each step, the more relaxed you run the better, so people who tense up trying to get as much power as possible will ruin their running technique.
So make your power natural by training to have very powerful strides
Up hill running will work you good so do some of that.

Working on your: strenght, elastic power and flexibilty.

Now Collectivly working on these:


setting up short distances where you have to maximise your time to reach full speed
15-30 metre's
also set up an area for de-acceleartion so you don't slow down

Speed Consistentcy

setting up longer distances for you to reach your maximum speed and keep it up for an extra few yards
30-80 metre's

setting up a few way points that you have to change from acceleartion form to stride form

Hope that helps :D

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Post by infectted » 09 Nov 2008, 12:45

omg thank you sooo much (: with this i thinik i can slowly try to fit it into my schedule (:

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