Mid-Air Elastico

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How do you do it?? I'm an expert at doing it on the ground I can even do it with three touches but it's just impossible for me to do it in mid-air...

how do you do it?

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i think what you are thinking of is an akka its a free styling move.....i cant do it but just search for it in the freestyle section on here or youtube...

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Well its obvious but just keep practicing :D

just drop the ball on the ground then as it bounces up try flip flap, it is difficult at first but will be as easy as breathing with practice

concentrate on doing it slow or even without the ball to get the movements right

for this trick you do not need to use your body to fake so much (if at all) but try gain your balance on your supporting leg

it really helps to have flexible hips, also outside ATW also has a positive effect to the akka

just keep at it and it will come, and search youtube for the trick (ronaldinho does a sick one in a joga bonito vid, the one where he's playing futstal as a kid then when he's grown up :lol: )

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A good way to do it is by having someone pass you the ball with a good amount of pace on it. As it comes to you flip flap it, it should get some air and there you have an easy akka.

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a good one to learn first is the Ismael Akka, [or akka around, as its been named on groundtrix] its a normal akka, but the first touch is a flickup - so you flick it up [normal rollback hit up one] out to the side, then cut it back the other way.
[rather rubbish tutorial but itll give you an idea about whats going on, and how it can be used against a defender]
awesome move for street or indoor, but if you use it make sure theres no-one behind the defender that could get to the ball before you do.

once you get good at that one, youll find the akka much easier to learn

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