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i use a fair amount of moves but the ones i use most are:
- elastico
- alternate falcao dribble
- the v [the one D10 uses all the time in videos]
- 'ismael akka' or 'akka around' [ ]
- sleeper

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only trademark moves i have is the ronaldo chop and
the punt over the defenders and legging to the ball :D

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wats the ronaldo chop? culd somone provide a vid for me thx :D

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wats the ronaldo chop? culd somone provide a vid for me thx

not only is this a wicked vid

but it has loads of them...

its the move where ronaldo hits the ball behind his support foot with the heel or side of his other foot, alot like the cruyff turn...

how to do it:
Practice in a stationary position. Start square on with the ball between your legs. Jump so that your legs land one in front of the other. The back leg comes through and hits the ball to the side.

Also, today i think i invented a new move (or a variation)

i call it the alternate Scotch move

you basically reverse the movements of a scotch move...

just put your right foot infront of the ball, with your heel pointing toward it, then with your left trailing behind you tap the ball with the inside of your left foot onto your right foots heel...

works great as a turn or pass

i also did the sickest nutmeg ever with it,
like i was facing away from him a the ball bounced in the air off me heel and straight through his legs

what i would do for a video of that...

if someone has seen or already 'invented' the move would you please tell me... so my bubble can be burst :(

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soccer_after_death wrote:
MSILancer7 wrote:
Hugh wrote: (I don't like maradona so I call it that)
I don't like him either but i call it the zizzou spin because he did it alot to
correct me if i'm wrong..but is it also called a garrincha?
Correct ME if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the Garrincha was just a 180 turn then a knock on withhis leg. Its called the Maradona 360 becuase Maradona perfected(did a 360) on the Garrincha(180) turn. I'm pretty sure thats how it went down.
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wats the ronaldo chop? culd somone provide a vid for me thx
heres a good video on how to do the ronaldo chop mate =].
hope it helps you out.

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my two signature moves are

The pass or not to pass

Drag the ball with the inside of your foot while keeping close contact to bring the ball back


A combination of Elastico and drag-back but done sideways, very effective

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Cruyff turn (but a really quick one, like Ronaldo. Running at full pace, cuts it back, defender usually on their ass. Use it only when i've somehow found myself wide or in silly games or kickabouts.)

Basic panna (i'm a centre back this is about as skilful as i'm allowed to get :/)

However, my proper signature move is my long pass. I do atleast 10 in a game. I have somehow been able to put different types of spin on the ball without practising doing it at all. Probably my best pass is a long pass behind the defenders,which at first looks way too long but I put draw on so whilst the defendersare relaxing, our CF carries on chasing and usually scores.

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cruyff turn , elastico

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Chop - The "Ronaldo" Chop, as its dubbed these days

Reverse Stepovers - Usually when I'm recieving at the ball at an angle where I can fake

Stepovers - Convincing stepovers to throw the opponent off his position so I can run/find an opening for my teammates.

V-cut - Pull inwards with sole of foot, then push in the other direction with either outside or inside of foot (really really effective against charging defenders who look like they can't stop)

Cuts - Yeah.

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The Ronaldo Chop

Im trying to do that thing Ronaldo does where he jumps,kicks the ball at his opposite heel and the ball bounces of and goes back to the side it was originally on.
Its done here at 2:07

The move Torres and Ronaldo uses a lot, the one where they push the ball in 1 direction and run around the opponent in the opposite direction and then collects the ball.

Drag-Hit a pull back and then hit to the side with the inside of your foot
used here at :20 secs

360 move

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Cruyff Turn and Ronaldo Chop
Despite me being a midfielder, I use speed to beat my opponents but little dribbling.

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The moves I use are the Cruyff chop, stepovers, and that move where you drag the ball back and pass it across behind your other leg (i think its called the L drag or something like that)
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stepovers, my friends say that when i do it it looks like im proper going the other way

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quick stepovers, rabonna, trivela, 360, are my most favourite move to use in a game.....and other moves......but mostly stepovers :D

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