what to do when running at full speed with an oponent

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okay, so I am a CF and this is what happend rescently

this defender got the ball and is running at full speed, I run with him on his right side and I am confident that I can get the ball off of him...

so I tap the ball with my right foot (i did not want to go for a full out tackle), but as I bring my right foot out the player some how pushes my foot into the ground and I roll my ankle badly........all of this was done on a full sprint

I am wondering if I did the wrong choice of using my right foot; should I have used my left foot to push the ball off of him........is there any danger in that type of play?

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Each situation is different, if there was any reason other than you felt more comfortable with your right because your touch is better then you probably made the right choice, I would probably use my left because then it doesn't alter my stride so much and I can use my leg to shield the ball.

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I tryed to tackle my friend like that once and the same thing happened. I'm pretty sure that it's bad form and pretty dangerous, if you think about it then you realize it was not the best decision.

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