I missed a header

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Wide open cross came to me, I jumped and it just went past me.

I don't think I even closed my eyes!

How can I work on this?

and don't say heading a ball against a wall :P

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Really nothing much you can do, just put your head through it. sh*t happens i've missed a lot of headers in my day, best way to get over it is to not let it happen again.

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did you just miss time it or did it go right over your head or something?

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simple,next time u get a header,get ur head to the ball :P

seriously,just get a friend,get him to lob the ball at u and head it in a chosen direction...the best way to practice heading is by getting a ball coming at u at a in game speed and eventually u would get better
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Yeah dont worry people miss headers all the time, heading is actually quite an advanced skill when you think about it, not all that easy as professionals make it look. Whats wrong with heading a ball against wall, i do it all the time, can do like 200, also with heading you have to be strong, because people really use all the dirty tricks to put you off.

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I agree with Zlatan, its something that just happens.

If you know you can do good headers, then you can. If that was the first time that happened, its nothing you should worry about.

Maybe, if it was during a game, you may have been tired and your co-ordination may have been a little bit off.
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if it was during a game there is nothing you can do. its simply you missed move on and don't worry about it. its in the past now just think about whats a head of you.
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I found playing head-tennis really improved my heading actually...

As others have said, just getting a friend to cross balls in to you is the best way to practice it. Practising it down the park will let you learn how to get yourself in the right place in the air at the right time without any pressure first - then just do it in game-situations and see how you go.

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What type of header was it? Were you standing still when you jumped up to head it? Were you moving towards it? Or were you moving towards the goal with the ball coming towards you? Were you facing the goal or the ball?

It doesn't matter because the general reply is, don't worry, you'll always miss some, maybe it just went higher than you can jump, that's happened to me before. If you want to practice heading while standing still in the box (if you're a striker then that's the usual heading you'll do) then go to a gym and kick the ball hard at one wall, then head it into another wall as it comes down, try to always get it in one place so that you can work on accuracy.

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