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I am a going to be a senior next year at my high school and hope to play college soccer. I feel that I am pretty good player except when it comes to finishing. A lot of my shots seem to go over the crossbar or wide. How can I improve my aim so I have a better chance at playing in college? Also, I sometimes have difficultly winning headers on corners whether they are in my box or the opposing teams box. I feel part of the problem is that I am not aggressive enough. How can I become more aggressive on corners win more headers in the box?

Thanks for any answers

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I guess your not very confident in your shooting then? thats probably your main problem... firstly the aggresion, there is no way to learn aggresion except mabye workout so your stronger and not so intimidated... im 15 and i play with a load of 17 and 18 year old's and when i first started playing with them at 13 and when a cross came in (or generally just any air balls) i was always bullied off the ball. Eventually I learned to judge the balls flight and skip infront of them or behind them and get a decent header in... now ive started to develop and grown stronger, i realise all i was scared of was getting hurt so i put fear aside and with my skill for positioning myself, i can run straight to the middle of a group of big guys an dodge a marker and leap onto of the biggest guy on the pitch... and score... I dont feel much pain after that, but you wont wake up some morning and be super aggressive (without steriods) it will take months of match practice and getting fu**ed onto your face in mud, but its worth every second...

now for the shooting, i have collection of drills that if you practice enough will start to pay off, but being calm and composed will be your biggest help..

NewBornProdigy's Shooting Drills

red font: simple and effective way to do drills
green font:more advanced and game realistic way to do drills

Shooting Drills

Drill 1
wall, ball, bout 15 yards of space...100 times per foot
Stand infront of a wall, two markers on the wall, practice instep drive 50 times with both feet and side foot with bith feet...
preform drill while running

Drill 2
wall, ball, bout 15 yards of space... 100 times per foot
make 3 vertical lines with a marker, practice instep drive 50 times with both feet and side foot with bith feet...
shoot first time

Group B

Drill 1
Goal(small or large), ball... 20 times per foot
kick ball high in air and chase then half volley, no closer than 18 yards
kick ball high in air and chase then full volley, no closer than 18 yards

Drill 2
Goal(small or large), ball, cone...20 times per foot
Beat Defender(cone) in 1v1 and shoot, hard and low preferably
beat defender on weak side and hit post

Drill 3
wall, ball, bout 15 yards of space...50 times
Head the ball to a wall, concentrate on hitting with forhead
Practice downward headers, bouncing headers, flick on's, power headers and clearences

Volley Drills

Group A

Drill 1
wall, ball, bout 15 yards of space...50 times per foot
kick the ball to the wall, and 1st time finish the ball 90degree's set up a target for you to finish into
Let the ball come across your body and finish with your far foot 90degree's

Drill 2
Goal(small or large), ball... 50 times
Juggle the ball about 18 yards away from the goal and volley for the crossbar
Do different types of Volleys, 10 Overhead, 10 Scissor kick, 30 jumping

hope these will help, just concentrate on getting your shots on target... dosen matter how strong or how much curl if it goes wide, dont shoot unless you can definetly work the keeper, like mabye there could be a pass on to a better postioned team mate.

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Wow thanks a lot. I tried being more aggressive instead of just waiting for aggressiveness to just appear on its own and I won the ball in the air way more than I usually do this weekend in my games. Lots of great shooting drills, I can't wait to try them out!

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As far as improving your finishing is concerned, you could start playing small sided games (like 3 or 5 a side games) with really small goal posts and no goal keeper.

We used to play 3 a side games for 20 minutes, and would play 2 or 3 matches each day. We found it to be a good way to not only improve your fitness, but also your skills.

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