how do you doge really fast defenders

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I often play with one of my friends. I am better than him in every aspect of soccer, except for speed... it really pisses me off, because it is almost impossible to dodge him.... what can i do? Pana-ing doesn`t work, quickly accelerating doesnt work, and tricks dont work (flip-flap, cruyff, ....)...
the reason is because once i dodge him, he catches up to me and tries again until he gets the ball.. really annoying because i know im better!!

any tips?

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One you pass him step in front of him. Think of it as cutting him off. I'm not very fast, but I can beat extremely fast defenders pretty handily by doing this and shielding the ball off.

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Take the above advice, sprinkle in some deft cuts with the outside of your foot to turn him inside out, and that, my friend, is a winning strategy. ;)

You might also try to get him to OVER RUN. Think about it. If he knows he's faster, that's going to be something he always wants to put in your face, and sometimes, he might give too much. When you sense he is getting to this point, tap the ball out to the outside, and make as if you are going to race with him down the touchline. Then, after a few strides or more, flick the ball behind the leg closest to him with your other leg, and past both of you into some open field. If you've sold it right, he will still be going down the touch, anticipating you, and you have the split second of confusion you need to do something good. ;)

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Knock it past him and run, then when he is about to catch you perform an inside cut (behind your standing leg)

Ronaldo does this a lot (he's fast anyway) but it works better when the defenders is just catching up with you so in your case it would be ideal.

See the blow video in which Emerson of Brazil does it in the opening sequence.


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Kick the ball forward a little like you lost control and then quickly cut.

Or... you can dribble the ball, while watching his feet/his body and if you see him making any movements, cut straight away.

But, what you really need to do is improve your speed.

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