how do you think players learnt the tricks

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Guys, I think you all read this wrong. Simply put, he wasn't asking how players got so GOOD at the tricks, just merely, like it has now been said, how they came up with them. Like, did someone just sit there and imagine and perfect a stepover?

To answer the OP's question, most of them would always be playing outside for virtually the entire today with others. This is how they invented tricks, much screwing around and a lot of playing. They began to figure out certain motions worked, and they became the "building block" tricks of today, like the Roulette and a stepover.

That being said, you also gotta' remember, it's BECAUSE they had no Internet or TV or anything that there is such a large difference in styles throughout the world. Maradona had no clue in the world how other greats of his time did it, because he had never seen them play, so he had to learn it and work it out for himself. There's still a very high percentage of great soccer players who grow up in very poor neighborhoods still without Internet and other things. They know names, but very few of them know, say, how Cristiano Ronaldo preforms his stepovers, so their stepovers become their own, just practicing with their buddies.

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hi guys,
sorry i cant start a topic but i got a question!
dose anyone know if its possible to learn how to play good when starting at 21? i wish i would have started when i was 5 but i always was into other sports i'm also very athletic and fast and have very good coordination but i dont have ball control cuz i never play. are there any good players that didnt start as a child? is it possible to develope ball control in adult hood?
thank u very much.

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Yes of course it's possible. But it's only up to you to do it.
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Which pretty much irks me why pros cant improve their game..etc Kuyt..finishing 1 year ago was crap..1 year on and its still crap..even when he had a whole year to improve..It's pretty frustrating, especially when you consider the amount of time they hav..

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you ever been to argentina and brazil etc...? its an art down there, we watch it on tv they make it happen all day in the streets.
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