how would you try to stop CR???

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Ok no more on sh*tty players now. Just how you would stop C Ronaldo.
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i second that keller

but fletcher isnt sh*t you cocksucker juve :lol:

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ok ill stop


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all you have to do is keep staring at the ball and baking up and dont dive in wait for him to make a mistake
but if he is running towards you
use your body and try to poke the ball out of his possetion

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keep him on the outside.. let him get passed you jst a bit, so that if you slide tackle then you'll get the ball and not his legs. It's all about the timing and the position your in when your trying to get the ball off him

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Just when he comes at me and starts doing his step-over thing i place myself diagonaly towards him, then when he is half-way doing it, quickly put you leg between his and he won't dive cous it was during his dribble, he won't have enough tempo to do it, well maybe in the third time you do this he will cous he is a damn pro at diving, but still he would think twice before running at me. Saw this from Dani Alves, he does it but sometimes he is really harsh doing it.

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I would supply him with large amounts of alcohol before the match so he is considerably drunk then i would just say that hes playing rugby to him and make him handball teh ball all the time :lol:

Nah i would probably try an jockey him keep him on the outside then just as he starts to accelerate past me just try and pinch the ball away from him.
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I think this thread is really stupid because nobody on this website would ever stop CR7 in a 1v1 situation......but most of the replies are preety accurate: contain him and don't let him get the ball to the inside.
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I give him space because I know if I try to stick with him he will easily pass by me using his acceleration and skills. When I give him space he will mostly go for a shot, cross, or a pass. When I'm sure he is shooting or crossing, I'll just block tackle him. But we all know that Ronaldo can change his mind is less than a second when shooting and dribble instead where I'm trying to block his shot, here he will pass by me and I give him a nasty tackle hehe!

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You don't have to do anything, watch this: ... re=related

Simply contain him and wait for help. Forcing him to pass is the goal (better than him dribbling passed you).

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go in really hard and see if you get the ball

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