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Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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hey im a striker and get behind the defense quite alot, however i tend to find it difficult to finish when its just me versus the keeper... i know i know your going to say aim for the corners etc, but have you got any advice on keeping calm and making decisions quickly whilst under pressure, and just scoring in general ?!

thanks, Mike :wink:

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I had to work this out of my game through lots of in-game trial and error, but I think the best tips anyone can give are, be positive in your head that you can do it, and try simple cuts and tricks to dummy.

Watch his positioning, too. If he stays in his net, and lets you come for a bit, blast it on goal. If he comes out part way, try to dummy or trick around him. If he rushes you for a tackle, your only option is the chip.

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under pressure? dont look at the keeper, u notice how big the net is? so dun try and break it... :roll:

instead, do some surprising stuff, do not hesitate when u have the chance. um... pretty much about it. just aim for the part the keeper cant reach. or if the keeper dives, lift the ball, if hes coming stright... hell, that is simple, u've got a open net!!! :P

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Composure isn't something you can train for. You either have it naturally or you gain it through hours of game experience. So there are no substantial hints that I, or anyone else can give you other than to play as much as you can.

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a good technique that i use is a quick toe poke in stride, it catches the keeper off balance and it is easy to score with. also i chip a lot or just dribble them

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