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Ok, so i can do long ballpasses, my question is how can i make it go farther? i farthest i can pass it is up to mid field. so what drills can i do to make me feel confidence so i can pass to the fowards?

i didnt know where to put it so i though i should put it here.

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First, you should start going to the gym and building you legs up, for more power and distance, or you can try cycling up hills, which works great, also go to a park and practice your long balls try different things, also watch goal keepers take goal kicks they know how to kick it.

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You might also have to change your kicking technique a little. Just small things like leaning back more etc.

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Yea kicking technique is very important of course, but also strengthening your legs, doing leg extensions and the all important plyometrics will help you a lot. If you have a perfected long ball kicking technique, that would the most important thing of course.
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Really? I thought plyometrics were for transition.

Things that you might need when you do a goal kick:

1) Lean Back
2) Plant foot behind the ball
3) Sweep underneath the ball (dig into the ground and slice through it while maintaining contact with the ball)
4) Big follow through
5) Watch the ball fly

But yeah, leg strength will play a role in how far a ball can be kicked.

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Once you have the technique down the only way to get more distance is by increasing your leg strength. A good drill to improve your kicking strength is to shoot the ball as hard as you can 100 times (alternating left and right foot) into a wall or net. If you do this around 5 times (one set each day) a week for a month or so then your kicking strength will dramatically improve.

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gnarlyjim wrote:You might also have to change your kicking technique a little. Just small things like leaning back more etc.
yes, exactly. the small things really go make the most difference. as Kakasgotskillz stated the follow through is something that really is taken for granted. along with weight training also practice the follow through. for most people it becomes a habit and they just don't do it and it takes a lot of work to break the habit of not following through.

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