I need help playing in a 3v3v3 game

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Our coach at the beggining of practice and at games has a play a 3v3v3 game with only two touches , Im having a problem connecting my passes with teammates . . I have problems controlling the ball but only in this game when we play reagular im fine but when we play this game in the 18 yd box its diffuclt . In need help in controlling and getting the ball off with speed and power
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I think in areas as confined as the 18 yd box you need to communicate as much as possible, if you know your teammates well enough you will anticipate their movment patterns. Also, dont rush it, but before the ball is even at your feet you should locate all your options
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It sounds like you need to some work on your first touch and short passes. Do some wall drills and you should see improvement.

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Yeah I agree with ajc...key's the first touch, and your awareness of surroundings..noe what you're gonna do with the second touch, before your first touch..

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