My last 18 days

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My last 18 days

Post by Konqwest » 28 Jul 2007, 15:49

So I have 18 days left before I leave for college. I've been running but now im going to push it these last 18 days or probably 16, and rest two before I leave for camp. The running is going to be tough but when Im done I will be very fit. This is just the RUNNING part of my daily workout for the next 18 days.

Sunday 7-29

15 min warm up
1/4 mile

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Post by Soccer4Life » 28 Jul 2007, 23:03

What exactly are you looking for? Do you need help, suggestions, what?

Also, it would be helpful if you tell us what else you're doing or it would be hard to help out :?

Let me just say, that there's no point in running 1/4 of a mile. Either drop it that day and weight train, go a longer distance, or better yet, replace it with an interval or fartlek workout.

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Post by ajc » 28 Jul 2007, 23:37

Did your college give you a summer workout program?
Click it

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