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What do you think about Daniele's video?
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Always something wrong in this vid :( too close 2 cam, cut before trick is finished, ball bounces before tricks are completed.... i think i saw three completed tricks, need to edit it better and get better camerawork. keep workin.
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sorry dude but i didnt even watch all of it.....
very repetive, bad camerawork, shaky control.....
learn more tricks and control them better....

and dont fast foward ur groundmoves to make them look faster.....

edit out the tricks u stuffed up and find a better place to film....
The meaning of "PERSERVERANCE" is trying to master a freestyle trick that you just can't seem to do.......

australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...

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exactly i watched about 45 sec. and i said..not worth my time.

Just work on being able to do the tricks, because we can all see that you messed up on every trick becuz you cut it out before it was finished.

But hey just keep at it and dont send in another vid until you can actually pull off some more tricks

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Being a novice myself it is always good to a see a benchmark of where a beginners skill level should be so i am glad that daniele did send this vid in but i am sure if u kept at it you would have landed those tricks at least once for the camera instead of cutting them out and zoom it out more.

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I don't understand, why do some people use images in their vids of tricks where they fail in ? I have watched like 20 seconds and I see him screwing up crossover totally, do you think we are stupid and we all think that you did do it right ? (because it changes very quickly to the next trick before the ball actually hits the ground but we all see you screwed up). Man I feel insulted ...

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i agree with every 1 else but can you tell me what is the song called in ur vid

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