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Forum rules

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1. Be respectful to others even if you disagree with their opinion.
If someone is violating the rules or is trying to provoke you, don't reply to them. Instead, contact somebody from the staff right away.

2. The forum is not a chatroom.
Explain your opinion fully and back it up with reason or facts. One word posts like "yeah" and "wow" are not necessary.

3. Start succinct, specific topics
Topic titles such as "I need help!" are not descriptive enough.

4. Don't start new topics right away
Search around before you start a new topic. Chances are, what you want to discuss has already been addressed. Please add your comments to the existing discussion instead of starting a new topic.

5. External links policy
Posting URLs pointing to adult web sites is not allowed. The same applies for images and referrer/affiliate links.

Common questions

Why do I need an account?
You can't post on our boards, unless you have an account. Registered users gain access to boards that lurkers can't see. Signing up takes a couple of minutes and it's free.

I have a question, what do I do?
First of all, you need to make your question specific. "How do I become the next Pele" is too general. Secondly, your question must lead to a rational discussion. In other words, it can't be a rhetorical rant like "I'm 45 and haven't played since junior high. Is it too late for me to be signed by Man United?"

No, I have a very specific question!
Before you start a new topic, please try searching the board. If you find a similar topic to what you want to discuss, post your question there.

How do I earn a forum rank?
Each user has his own 'rank' title (displayed under their username) depending on the number of posts they've made.
New User 0-24
Sophomore Member 25-49
Junior Member 50-99
Senior Member 100-299
Veteran Member 300-
Legendary forum members are sometimes assigned a custom rank title.

How do you put a picture under your username?
The image which is shown under the username of each poster is called an avatar. To upload an avatar, make sure you are logged in then go to your profile.

How do you change your signature?
Your signature is a block of text which will be attached at the end of each of your posts. To change it, log in and go to your signature control panel.

How do you post a picture on the board?
You can upload images to the forum as attachments.

How is my e-mail used in the forum?
Your e-mail is used to notify you of major forum announcements, replies in topics which you are 'watching' or when another user sends you a private message.

How do I become a moderator?
Moderators look after and help maintain the forum. If you want to be a moderator, contribute to the discussion and hang around until we get to know you. The current team of moderators will vote and decide whether you're suited for the job.

I have a technical question about using the forums
Please refer to the official phpBB FAQ
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